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The Legend Of Danau Toba, English Version
Lake Toba is known for the legend of Lake Toba in English this is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island. Lake Toba became one of the attractions for foreign tourists who come to Indonesia. But it turns out Lake Toba and Samosir Island has. Here's the legend of Lake Toba in English.

The Legend Of Danau Toba, English Version

Once upon a time there was a prosperous village in a far away island called Sumatra. In northern part of the island, lived a farmer whose name was Toba. He lived alone in a hut by a small forest. He worked on his farmland to grow rice and vegetables that he sells to local market. Once day he wanted to catch some fish so he went to a river and fished there. He was very surprised when he got a big fish. The fish was as big as human being. Soon he went home and put the fish in his kitchen. He planned to cook the fish for his dinner that night. When he got to his house that afternoon he took a bath. Then as he walked into his bedroom after taking a bath Toba was very shocked. Do you want to know what happened?
There stood in his living room a very beautiful girl. The girl greeted him nicely. For a moment Toba was speechless. When he could control his emotion he asked her.
‘Who are you? What’s your name? Why suddenly you are here in my house?’
‘Pardon me if I surprised you Mr. Toba, but you took me here. I was the fish that you caught in the river. Now that I become a human being again, I would like to thank you and I will be your servant to express my thankfulness’
‘Were you the fish?’
‘Yes, I was the fish. Look at your kitchen’.
Toba immediately rushed to his kitchen and the fish was nowhere to be seen. He saw some gold coins instead.
‘Whose coins are these? Why there are some coins here?’
‘Those coins are mine. As I changed into human being my scales changed into gold coins’
‘Ok you can live here and work for me. Your room is over there’
‘Thank you very much Mr. Toba’
Since that day the beautiful girl lived in Toba’s house. Since she was very beautiful Toba fell in love with her and not long after that they got married. The girl married to Toba on one condition that he would never tell anybody about her past. Toba agreed to the condition. Several months later Toba’s wife delivered to a baby boy. Their son was healthy. Soon he grew up into a handsome boy. Toba named him Samosir. Unfortunately Samosir was a lazy boy. He did not want to work at all. When his father worked hard in his rice field and farm, Samosir just slept. When he was awake he talked a lot and he ate a lot. Toba was very disappointed with his son’s nature. He hoped that one day Samosir would change into a diligent boy. Day in and day out but Samosir never changed.
Toba used to go to his farm and rice field early in the morning. Then at midday his wife would bring him food. They used to eat lunch at their farm. As he was a teenager Toba and his wife tried to change his behavior. They ordered Samosir to bring food for his father for lunch while her mother stayed at home to do household chores. But Samosir never did his duty well. He always woke up very late. He woke up after midday. Then one day his mother forced him to bring the food.
‘Sam, wake up. Go to the farm and bring the food for your father. He must be very tired and hungry now’.
But Mom, I am tired and hungry too’
‘What makes you tired? You just wake up. Go now. You father needs the food’
Toba reluctantly went to the farm. But he did not go to the farm immediately. He stopped somewhere in the street and ate the food. It was already late afternoon when he got to the farm. His father was disappointed. Then he was angry as he realized that his son had eaten his food. He said sarcastically.
‘O, you are stupid lazy boy. You are son of a fish!’
Samosir was hurt. He went home right away and as he got home he told his mother about his father’s words. Samosir’s mother was shocked. She was also deeply hurt.
‘O Toba. You break your promise so I cannot live with you here anymore. Now you have to accept to consequence of what you did. Samosir, now go to the hill, find the tallest tree and climb it’
‘Why mom? What will happen?’
‘Just do it, never ask any question. Good bye’
As soon as she finished saying that suddenly the weather changed. Sunny day suddenly turned into cloudy day. Not long after that the rain poured heavily. The rain last for several days. Consequently the area was flooded. The whole area became a big lake. Then it was called Lake Toba and in the middle of the lake there is an island called Samosir Island. Meanwhile Toba’s wife disappeared.

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The Legend Of Danau Toba, English Version

 Legenda Rawa Pening, English Version
Will be told about the, The Legend Of Rawa Pening in the English language which is located in Rawa Unggaran Dizziness, Dizziness Swamp Garden tours are in 4 districts, namely Ambarawa, Tuntang, Bawen and Banyubiru in Semarang. For admission to these attractions, visitors can enter through highway Salatiga Semarang, Salatiga and highway-Ambarawa Semarang regency. Dizziness Swamp beauty can be enjoyed at the time of the morning, because the sights Swamp Dizziness offers beautiful lake in the morning. Dizziness marsh has its own legends like other lakes that will swamp we read from legend reel in English. Dizziness following legend Swamp.
Once upon a time in old Java there was a village.  Pening was its name.  Pening was a prosperous village.  The land was fertile and the weather was always good all year round.  It was on the slope of Mount Merbabu so the climate was cool.  People made their living by cultivating rice, vegetables and fruits.  The harvest was always satisfying.  So all of them lived a happy life.  That’s why once a year they held a ceremony called ‘Bersih desa’.  It was a kind of thanks giving day.  It was a day when they express their thankfulness to God for a successful harvest.  They would clean their village and then they would pray together.  At night they would have a dinner together and held teater performances.
One day after a succesful harvest they would celebrate it.  That time they wanted something special.  They wanted more meat for dinner.  So they went hunting in a wood.  Just outside of the village there was a wood where there were many animals like deer, buffalo, mouse deer, lamb and many other.  But that day there was no animal at all.  Animals were nowhere to be seen.  They had searched every inch of the wood but still their effort were in vain.  When it was almost dark, they were very tired so they took a rest.  They sat on something that look like a rock and a big root.  Everybody was silent because they were exhausted and disappointed.
Then suddenly someone chopped the big root with his sword to relief his disappointment.  Amazingly there was blood coming out of the root.  They were surprised.  Someone tried to chop it deeper.  He found meat !  So they chopped more and more.  After their bags were full of meat they were satisfied.  Then they went home happily.
That night the people of Pening were preparing a big dinner.  They wanted a special dinner with the meat they got from the wood.  Just as they were preparing dinner, a boy came to the village.  He looked poor.  He begged food to some people.  But they refused.  Someone said :
‘We are preparing dinner.  You may come to our dinner tonight.  But not now’.
‘But I am very hungry, please’.
‘Just come here tonight’.
But then there was an old widow who took care of him.  She was just a poor widow.  She gave him food and shelter.
‘You may take a rest here.  Join us tonight for dinner’.
‘Thank you very much.  You are very kind to me.  You are the only one who helped me.  That’s why I will save you.  Tonight there will be a great event here’.
‘Yes, there will be a great party’.
‘No, I mean something special’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I cannot say now.  But listen to me.  Prepare a boat for you’
‘Why? What will happen?’
‘Just do as I say’
‘Please tell me what will happen?’
‘OK, you are very kind to me so I will tell you but please promise me you won’t tell anyone’.
‘OK, I promise’
‘I am Naga Baru Klinting.  I am a dragon. I was meditating in the slope of Mount Merbabu when your people hurt me.  They hurt me by chopping my body.  Now they are preparing dinner with meat from my body.  So I will take my revenge tonight,  but I will save you.  Prepare a boat for you’.
‘Oh, please don’t do that.  Forgive my people’
‘Whatever will be , will be.  Good bye’.
Then the boy left.  Just before the dinner began at the village hall some boys were playing in the yard.  Suddenly a boy came to them.
‘Hi guys a have a game for you’
Then he held a small bamboo and attached it to the ground.
‘If you can pull it, I will give you a special present’
‘Oh, that’s very easy’, a boy said.
He tried to pull it but it was very strong so he could not pull it.  Another boy tried but he also failed.  Everybody failed.  Then this game drew adult’s attention.  One by one they tried to pull but all of them could not make it.  When many people gathered then the boy said.
‘O people of Pening.  I am Naga Baru Klinting.  I am a dragon.  I was meditating in the slope of mount Merbabu when you chopped me.  Now I will take my revenge.  Enjoy your party’.
Then he pulled the bamboo.  Amazingly, water poured from the ground.  The water immediately flooded the village.  Finally the whole village sank under water.  They were all drowned and died in the lake.  There was only one survivor.  The poor old widow.  She had prepared a simple boat so she could survive.  Since then on the lake is called Rawa Pening.  Rawa means lake in Javanese and Indonesian language.  Today the lake is located in the province of central Java, Indonesia

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Legenda Rawa Pening, English Version

Legend Of Tangkuban Perahu - West Java Indonesian
In West Java, Bandung regency precisely in recreation there is a very beautiful place that is Mount Tangkuban Perahu Tangkuban Perahu famous for the legend in English. Tangkuban Perahu means boat upside down. Named because its shape it resembles an upside-down boat. It is said that according to folklore parahyangan mountain was indeed an upside-down boat. Here is the legend of Tangkuban Perahu in English.

Legend Of Tangkuban Perahu - West Java Indonesian

Once upon a time in west Java, Indonesia lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter.   Her name was Dayang Sumbi.  She liked weaving very much.  Once she was weaving a cloth when one of her tool fell to the ground.  She was very tired at the time so she was too lazy to take it.  Then she just shouted outloud.
‘Anybody there?  Bring me my tool.  I will give you special present.  If you are female,  I will consider you as my sister.  If you are male, I will marry you
Suddenly a male dog, its name was Tumang, came.  He brought her the falling tool.  Dayang Sumbi was very surprised.  She regretted her words but she could not deny it.  So she had to marry Tumang and leave her father.  Then they lived in a small village.  Several months later they had a son.  His name was Sangkuriang.  He was a handsome and healthy boy.
Sangkuriang liked hunting very much.  He often went hunting to the wood using his arrow.  When he went hunting Tumang always with him.  In the past there were many deer in Java so Sangkuriang often hunted for deer.
One day  Dayang Sumbi wanted to have deer’s heart so she asked Sangkuriang to hunt for a deer.   Then Sangkuriang went to the wood with his arrow and his faithful dog Tumang.  But after several days in the wood Sangkuriang could not find any deer.  They were all disappeared.  Sangkuriang was exhausted and desperate.  He did not want to disappoint her mother so he killed Tumang.  He did not know that Tumang was his father.  At home he gave Tumang’s heart to her mother.
But Dayang Sumbi knew that it was Tumang’s heart.  She was so angry that she could not control her emotion.  She hit Sangkuriang at his head.  Sangkuriang was wounded.  There was  a scar in his head.    She also repelled her son.   Sangkuriang left her mother in sadness.
Many years passed and Sangkuriang became a strong young man.  He wandered  everywhere.     One day he arrived at his own village but he did not realized it.  There he met Dayang Sumbi.  At the time Dayang Sumbi was given an eternal beauty by God so she stayed young forever.  Both of them did not know each other.  So they fell in love and then they decided to marry.
But then Dayang Sumbi recognized a scar on his Sangkuriang’s head.  She knew that Sangkuriang was his son.  It was impossible for them to marry.  She told him but he did not believe her.  He wished that they marry soon.  So Dayang Sumbi gave a very difficult condition.  She wanted Sangkuriang to build a lake and a boat in one night!  She said she needed that for honeymoon.
Sangkuriang agreed.  With the help of genie and spirits Sangkuriang tried to build them.  By midnight he had finished  the lake by building a dam in Citarum river.  Then he started building the boat.  It was almost dawn when he nearly finished it.  Meanwhile Dayang Sumbi kept watching on them.  She was very worried when she knew this.  So she made lights in the east.  Then the spirits thought that it was already dawn.  It was time for them to leave.  They left Sangkuriang alone.  Without their help he could not finish the boat.
Sangkuriang was very angry.  He kicked the boat.  Then the boat turned out to be Mount Tangkuban Perahu.  It means boat upside down.  From a distant it looks like a boat upside down.

Legend of Tangkuban Perahu Lessons In English
Lessons to be learned from the legend of Tangkuban Perahu in the English language is never undermine the trust that is given, especially by the murder of loyal friends who continue to accompany to be sacrificed for the sake of personal gain. Sangkuriang is an example that is not enviable, its the heart, get her angry reply. Messages that can be delivered from the legend of Tangkuban Perahu in English this is the one to please your parents in a good way and not contrary to the values ​​and norms.

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Legend Of Tangkuban Perahu - West Java Indonesian

A Gold Snail, Of Indonesia
A Gold Snail, Of Indonesia, Once upon a time, there was a couple living in a palace. They were Prince Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran. Prince Raden Putra's father was the king of the kingdom.

One day, Dewi Limaran was walking around in the palace garden. Suddenly she saw a snail. It was ugly and disgusting.
"Yuck!" said Dewi Limaran and then she threw it away into a river.
She did not know that the snail was actually an old and powerful witch. She could transform herself into anything. The witch was angry to Dewi Limaran. The witch put a spell on her and changed her into a golden snail. The witch then threw it away into the river.
The golden snail was drifting away in the river and got caught into a net. An old woman was fishing and used her net to catch some fish. She was surprised to see a golden snail in her net. She took it and brought it home. When the old woman woke up in the morning, she was surprised that the house was in the good condition. 
The floor was mopped. And she also had food on the table. She was thinking very hard.
"Who did this to me? The person is very kind." It happened again and again every morning.
The old woman was very curious. One night she decided to stay up late. She was peeping from her room to know who cooked for her. Then, she could not believe what she saw. The golden snail she caught in the river turned into a beautiful woman. The old woman approached her.

"Who are you, young girl?"
"I am Dewi Limaran, Ma'am. A witch cursed me. I can change back as a human only at night," explained Dewi Limaran.
"The spell can be broken if I hear the melody from the holy gamelan," continued Dewi Limaran.

The old woman then rushed to the palace. She talked to Prince Raden Putra about her wife.

Prince Raden Putra was so happy. He had been looking for his wife everywhere. 
He then prayed and meditated. He asked the gods to give him the holy gamelan. He wanted to break the witch's spell. After several days praying and meditating, finally gods granted his wish. He immediately brought the holy gamelan to the old woman's house. He played it beautifully. And then amazingly the golden snail turned into the beautiful Dewi Limaran.

The couple was so happy that they could be together again. They also thanked the old woman for her kindness. As a return, they asked her to stay in the palace.

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A Gold Snail, Of Indonesia

The Legend of Maninjau Lake. Sumatra, Indonesia
 Maninjau lake legend, precisely in western Sumatra,
Long ago, in an area in west sumatra, there is a very active volcano named Mount Tinjau. In one village at the foot of Tinjau's brothers lived ten people consisting of nine men and one woman. Ordinary citizens about their call Bujang Sembilan. These ten brothers are Kukuban, Kudun, Bayua, Malintang, Galapuang, Balok, Batang,Bayang, and the youngest man named Kaciak. While their brother the youngest was a girl named Siti Rasani, nicknamed Sani. Both their parents died long ago, so Kukuban as the eldest son became the head of household. All decisions in his hand.
Tenth brothers lived in a house of their parents' heritage. To make ends meet, they worked on farms large enough legacy of their parents. They are very skilled at farming, because they diligently to help his father and mother when they were alive. In addition, they are also guided by their uncle named Datuk Limbatang, which they called Engku familiar.

Datuk Limbatang is a mamak in the village and has a son named Giran. As a mamak, Datuk Limbatang have great responsibility to educate and watched the life of its citizens, including the nephew's tenth man. For that, every other day, he visited the house Kukuban brothers to teach them farming skills and various customs procedures for the area. Not infrequently Datuk Limbatang also took his wife and son to participate with him.
On one day, when Datuk Limbatang with his wife and visited the house of Bujang Sembilan, Sani accidentally exchanged Giran. Apparently, both boys and girls are equally placed liver. Sani was invited to meet Giran in a field on the riverbank. With hearts pounding, Giran even express his feelings to Sani.

Datuk Limbatang wanted to marry his son with Sani. But the elder brother Sani, Kukuban, did not agree because Giran has been embarrass him in the martial arts arena. But eventually Datuk Limbatang not force.
One day, Giran found treat wounds in the thigh Sani. But people think they do custom distortion. Sani and Garin brought to court. They try to convince citizens that they did not do anything.

After that, of the second Giran lifted his hand to the sky and praying. "My God! Please hear and grant our prayers. If we were really guilty, destroy our bodies in the water hot crater of this mountain. However, if we are not guilty, this mountain letuskanlah and curses Bujang Sembilan to fish!"
It turned out that prayer was answered. Sani and Giran jump down and submerged in the water crater. Mountain erupted, Bujang Sembilan into fish. Over time the crater of Mount View expanded and formed a lake which we now know as Lake Maninjau

The Legend of Maninjau Lake. Sumatra, Indonesia

Fairytale Cinderella
Cinderella who is not familiar with this legend, which has been phenomenal until now, both the movie and comic versions, here I will share back on the cinderella fairy tale

Fairytale Cinderella. Once upon a time... there lived an unhappy young girl. Unhappy she was, for her mother was dead, her father had married another woman, a widow with two daughters, and her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All the nice things, kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. And not just the kind thoughts and love, but also dresses, shoes, shawls, delicious food, comfy beds, as well as every home comfort.  All this was laid on for her daughters. But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsisters' hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No nice rests and comfort. For she had to work hard all day, and only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire, near the cinders. That is how she got her nickname, for everybody called her Cinderella. Cinderella used to spend long hours all alone talking to the cat. The cat said, 

"Miaow", which really meant, "Cheer up! You have something neither of your stepsisters have and that is beauty." 

It was quite true. Cinderella, even dressed in rags with a dusty gray face from the cinders, was a lovely girl. While her stepsisters, no matter how splendid and elegant their clothes, were still clumsy, lumpy and ugly and always would be. 

One day, beautiful new dresses arrived at the house. A ball was to be held at Court and the stepsisters were getting ready to go to it. Cinderella, didn't even dare ask, "What about me?" for she knew very well what the answer to that would be: 

"You? My dear girl, you're staying at home to wash the dishes, scrub the floors and turn down the beds for your stepsisters. They will come home tired and very sleepy." Cinderella sighed at the cat. 

"Oh dear, I'm so unhappy!" and the cat murmured "Miaow". 

Suddenly something amazing happened. In the kitchen, where Cinderella was sitting all by herself, there was a burst of light and a fairy appeared. 

"Don't be alarmed, Cinderella," said the fairy. "The wind blew me your sighs. I know you would love to go to the ball. And so you shall!" 

"How can I, dressed in rags?" Cinderella replied. "The servants will turn me away!" The fairy smiled. With a flick of her magic wand... Cinderella found herself wearing the most beautiful dress, the loveliest ever seen in the realm. 

"Now that we have settled the matter of the dress," said the fairy, "we'll need to get you a coach. A real lady would never go to a ball on foot!" 

"Quick! Get me a pumpkin!" she ordered. 

"Oh of course," said Cinderella, rushing away. Then the fairy turned to the cat. 

"You, bring me seven mice!" 

"Seven mice!" said the cat. "I didn't know fairies ate mice too!" 

"They're not for eating, silly! Do as you are told!... and, remember they must be alive!" 

Cinderella soon returned with a fine pumpkin and the cat with seven mice he had caught in the cellar.

"Good!" exclaimed the fairy. With a flick of her magic wand... wonder of wonders! The pumpkin turned into a sparkling coach and the mice became six white horses, while the seventh mouse turned into a coachman, in a smart uniform and carrying a whip. Cinderella could hardly believe her eyes. 

"I shall present you at Court. You will soon see that the Prince, in whose honor the ball is being held, will be enchanted by your loveliness. But remember! You must leave the ball at midnight and come home. For that is when the spell ends. Your coach will turn back into a pumpkin, the horses will become mice again and the coachman will turn back into a mouse... and you will be dressed again in rags and wearing clogs instead of these dainty little slippers! Do you understand?" Cinderella smiled and said, 

"Yes, I understand!" 

When Cinderella entered the ballroom at the palace, a hush fell. Everyone stopped in mid-sentence to admire her elegance, her beauty and grace. 

"Who can that be?" people asked each other. The two stepsisters also wondered who the newcomer was, for never in a month of Sundays, would they ever have guessed that the beautiful girl was really poor Cinderella who talked to the cat! 

When the prince set eyes on Cinderella, he was struck by her beauty. Walking over to her, he bowed deeply and asked her to dance. And to the great disappointment of all the young ladies, he danced with Cinderella all evening. 

"Who are you, fair maiden?" the Prince kept asking her. But Cinderella only replied: 

"What does it matter who I am! You will never see me again anyway." 

"Oh, but I shall, I'm quite certain!" he replied. 

Cinderella had a wonderful time at the ball... But, all of a sudden, she heard the sound of a clock: the first stroke of midnight! She remembered what the fairy had said, and without a word of goodbye she slipped from the Prince's arms and ran down the steps. As she ran she lost one of her slippers, but not for a moment did she dream of stopping to pick it up! If the last stroke of midnight were to sound... oh... what a disaster that would be! Out she fled and vanished into the night. 

The Prince, who was now madly in love with her, picked up her slipper and said to his ministers, 

"Go and search everywhere for the girl whose foot this slipper fits. I will never be content until I find her!" So the ministers tried the slipper on the foot of all the girls... and on Cinderella's foot as well... Surprise! The slipper fitted perfectly. 

"That awful untidy girl simply cannot have been at the ball," snapped the stepmother. "Tell the Prince he ought to marry one of my two daughters! Can't you see how ugly Cinderella is! Can't you see?" 

Suddenly she broke off, for the fairy had appeared. 

"That's enough!" she exclaimed, raising her magic wand. In a flash, Cinderella appeared in a splendid dress, shining with youth and beauty. Her stepmother and stepsisters gaped at her in amazement, and the ministers said, 

"Come with us, fair maiden! The Prince awaits to present you with his engagement ring!" So Cinderella joyfully went with them, and lived happily ever after with her Prince. And as for the cat, he just said "Miaow"!    

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Fairytale Cinderella

,Hanging Rock Legend Parapat City
This legend comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra in the area precisely parapat, consider the following story, Hanging Rock Legend Parapat City,
Once, in a rural village next to Lake Toba North Sumatera, there lived a husband and a wife with a beautiful daughter named Seruni. Not only was she beautiful, Seruni was also very diligent in helping her parents in the field. Every day this family worked in this field on the edge of Lake Toba, and the outcomes are used for their daily needs.

One day, Seruni went to the field alone, because his parents went to a neighboring village. Seruni was only accompanied by her beloved dog named Toki's. Arriving at the farm, she didn’t work but he just sat there looking at the natural beauty of Lake Toba as if she had solved a difficult problem. While the dog, the Toki, came sitting next to her, staring at her face as if he knew what Seruni thought. Once in a while the dog barked to distract Seruni, but she is not teased.

The last few days Seruni looked glum. He was very sad, because she was given in marriage by her parents with a young man who was his cousin. Though she had chosen his loved man and she had promised to live together with him. She was very confused. On the one hand she did not want to disappoint her parents, and she could not afford to part with her love. Because of being unable to bear the heavy burden, he was getting hopeless.

"Yes, Lord! I am not able to live with this burden, "complained the Seruni.

A few moments later, Seruni moved from his seat. With tears, she walked slowly toward the Lake Toba. Apparently she wanted to end his life by jumping into the lake's and the Toki, followed his master from behind while barking.

With a mind raging, Seruni walked toward the cliffs of Lake Toba without paying attention to the road in its path. Unexpectedly, she suddenly fell into a hole. The rocky ground that made the hole was getting dark. Seruni girl is very scared. 

"Help.. Help.. Help.., Toki! "Seruni voice asking for help to her beloved dog.

The Toki understood  if Seruni required his help, but he could not do anything except just barking at the hole. Seruni screamed several times for help, but the Toki really could not afford helping her. Finally she was getting desperate.

"Ah, I'd rather die than live a long time to suffer," Seruni resigned.

Rock walls were moving ever closer.

"Parapat...! Parapat Parapat ... "ordered Seruni to press her body withthe stone

Being unable to help Seruni, Toki immediately ran home to ask for help.

Arriving at the master's house, he immediately went to Seruni parents.

"Auggg ...! auggg ...! auggg ... "Toki's barking while clawing at the ground to tell the parents that the Seruni in danger.

"Toki ..., where is Seruni? What happened to her? "Asked the father to the dog's Seruni.

"Auggg ...! auggg ...! auggg ...! "he continued barking and ran back and forth to invite them to a place.

"Sir, it looks like Seruni in danger," said the mother of Seruni.

"Mom was right. The Toki invites us to follow, "said the father of Seruni.

"But how do we get there? "Said the mother.

"You prepare a torch! I'll be looking for help to neighbors, "cried the father.

Soon, the whole neighborhood had gathered at the home page Seruni's father, carrying the torch. After that they followed the Toki to the scene. Once they were in the field, the Toki directly toward the mouth of the hole. 

Both parents of Seruni immediately approached the mouth of the hole. What a surprise when they saw a hole big enough rock on the edge of their field. In the pit was heard the faint sound of a woman: "Parapat ...! Parapat Parapat stone ...! "

"Sir, listen to that voice! That voice is of our child! Seruni’s mother cried frantically.

"Yes, ma'am! That sounds Seruni! "Replied the father panic.

"But, why would he shout: Parapat, parapatlah stone?" Asked the mother.

"I do not know, mom! It seems like there's something wrong in there, "said the father anxiously.

A Farmer was trying to light up the hole with a torch, but the bottom of the hole was so deep that it can not be penetrated by torchlight.

"Seruniii ...! Seruniii ...! "Cried the father of Seruni.

"Seruni ... my daughter! The mother and father came to help you! "Her mother shouted.

Several times they yelled, but they did not get a response from Seruni. Only voice drifted Seruni who sent the stone closer to squeezing.

"Parapat ...! Parapatlah stone ...! Parapat! "

"Seruniiii ... my daughter!" Once again the mother screaming and crying hysterically Seruni.

People in attendance at the place were trying to help. One held ropes to the bottom of the hole, but the slap was not touched at all. Seruni's father increasingly concerned with the state of her father. He also decided to follow her foray into the rock pit.

"Mom, hold the torch!" Command of the father.

"Where do you want to go?" Asked the mother.

"I'm following the Seruni into the hole," he replied firmly.

"No dad, it's dangerous!" Prevent the mother.

"Yes sir, the hole was very deep and dark," said people

A moment later, suddenly heard a roar. The earth shook violently as if to an end. Rock hole suddenly closes itself. The cliffs at the edge of Lake Toba was falling. Seruni's father and mother and all the people ran thither to escape. They left the mouth of the hole the rock, so that poor Seruni could not be rescued from the crush of rock.

Some time after the earthquake stopped, suddenly appeared a large rock that resembles a girl's body and as if hanging on the wall of the cliff at the edge of Lake Toba. Local people believe that the stone is the embodiment Seruni oppressed in the hole. By those stones were then given the name "Hanging Rock". (BATU GANTUNG)

A few days later, fame spread the word about the events that befall her. The people flocked to the scene to see the "Hanging Rock" is. Residents who witnessed the incident told other people that before the hole was closed, a voice: "... Parapat Parapat parapat stone ...!"

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Fairytale Why Black Raven Colored
Do you know how bad his raven black color? to more clearly let us read the story below ..
Fairytale Why Black Raven Colored,
IN THE OLDEN DAYS, when the tigers still lived in peace with other animals, the crow was called "The Bird of Paradise." Her feathers were of purest white; but since then she has lost these beautiful white feathers and in their place wears black ones. 

How this came about is told in a very old tale: 

When Allah had shaped the fishes, the birds, and the four-footed beasts, he called the white crow to him and said, "Bird of Paradise, you are large and handsome, you are strong and swift; therefore you shall be my messenger." 

The crow bowed her sleek white head and said, "Great Allah, I will be your messenger. Tell me what you wish me to do.

Allah showed the white crow a bit of clay, and said, "From this clay I am going to knead a man." 

So Allah kneaded a man, and when he had laid the figure near him on the ground he called the animals to admire it. 

All of them came the birds, the four-footed beasts, and the fishes. All of them looked on the man made of clay that lay motionless on the ground. And when Allah asked, "Well, how do you like this man?" the fishes began by saying, "It's a very, very strange thing!" 

"Is that a man?' cried the birds in amazement. "It's nothing but a piece of clay!" 

"Yes, that's all it is just a piece of clay!" the four-footed beasts cried, too. 

"And you, my messenger, what do you think of this man?" 
Allah asked the white crow. 

"I say that it has a wonderful shape," answered the crow, "but . . ." 

"What else do you want to say?" asked Allah. 

"Only this: there is no life in the man," the crow said at last. 

"There shall indeed be life in the man," Allah said then. 
"And I not only wish to give him life, I want to make him immortal. Therefore I am sending you, my messenger, this very day to bring me the life-water from the fountain of life, that shall make man immortal." 

"And in what shall I fetch the water?" asked the white crow. "Will one beak-full be enough to make the man immortal?" 

"No," Allah replied. "You must fetch the water in the big vessel that you will find beside the fountain of life. And remember this: do not let any other animal drink of the water, because I want man alone to be immortal. Promise me that you will not drink any of it, either." 

"I promise," said the white crow, and she flew away to fetch the life-giving water. The fountain of life was far away, and the white crow became tired and thirsty. 

After she filled the vessel and had flown part of the way back, she had a great desire to drink just a few drops of the water. "Allah will never be able to see that there are a few drops missing," she reasoned to herself. "And why shouldn't I slake my thirst with the water? Then I shall be immortal, too." 

So thought the white crow. And the more she thought about it, the more she longed for immortality. Finally she drank a few drops . . . and then a few more . . . and, at last, she had almost emptied the vessel. 

"Is that the vessel full of life-water that you were to bring me?" asked Allah, when he saw the few drops that still remained in it. "With these few drops I can give man life, but I cannot make him immortal. Why were you unable to fill the vessel, my messenger?" 

"There was no more life-water in the fountain/' lied the white crow. 

At that moment a magpie, whose feathers also were a beautiful white, flew to Allah, and cried, "The white crow lies, Lord; she herself drank of the life-water that was in the jar. I sat in a tree along the way and I saw her drinking/' 

When Allah heard this, he was so angry at the white crow that he took her beautiful white feathers from her and in place of them gave her black ones. 

And when the black-feathered crow stood before him with her head bowed in shame, Allah spoke to her and to the magpie, "I expel you both from Paradise. You, crow, because you drank the life-water and then lied about it. And you, magpie, because you were a spy and a talebearer, I will take away half of your white feathers and, even as the crow, you shall have black ones in their place!" 

That is why the magpie has black-and-white feathers, and the crow is entirely black. 

But whether or not the life-water made the crow immortal the story does not tell.

Fairytale Why Black Raven Colored