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Poetry English Version ( Puisi Dalam Bahasa Inggris )

By Mych Ryan

Here I am, standing in the brink of the day
Staring at the sun that has gone away
And a smile upon your face,
Make me never wanna leave this place

There you are, hardly I can see cause you just so far
I see your eyes blinking, are you a star?
But I remember you said you’re a moon
So I should have seen you soon

And here we are now,
You come to me somehow
You are getting closer and closer,
But why I feel like a stranger?
           MEMORIES OF YOU
By Ronald Soemitro

Wherever I am,,
In whatever way,,,
your memories are always with me,,,
Should I tell anyone or should I not,,
It's the matter of the heart after all,,
It's said that a world moves along with us,,
Even as solitude grows silently in the heart,,
All I have are memories,,

Somewhere in my heart,,
an arrow pierces trough memories,,
Somewhere every pictures dims a little,,
Some find happiness in the shades of a new world,,
Memories of you...

Hold my hand,,
let's remember what we share
Understand that I know you really care
Baby that you ever think of me as your best friend,,??
Remember all those times, we were best friend??
I remember,
It’s been 365 nights since the last goodbye
It’s too long for me, that’s the reason why

Now please come down, get lower
I’m on the top of the tower and can’t go higher
I have something to say to you
I need to tell you, that… I wanna stop loving you
By Evylia

I wish so much that I could hold you
A simple desire,yet so hard to do
This is a love so hopeless,but yet
As hard as I try, I can not forget

I want to move on, I try everyday
To get a trip on these feelings and throw them away
But everyday I pathetically remain
Adoring you amazingly with nothing to gain

I want to let go of what I'm holding so tight
And let these feelings trail off into the night
But as sees as my hold loosens, I grab and do not miss
Because I don't know how to feel anything

I have become dependent on these feelings,that I feel everyday
Without them I'm lost and my hopes are astray
So now I don't know how to live on my own
Without thoughts of you I will be so alone

I want to get over you
But you have to changed me too much
All I want is to hold you and grasp on and clutch
Because you are the one
I don't want to let go
You are everything I need
You are all that I know

I tried to move on
That's something I can't do
But no matter what I think
I only wait you
I just need some time
When I can, I will move on
I will face life without you when I'm strong

But for now
That's way to thought I didn't know that falling out love could be rough
By Aslam Yusuf

I runway from my life
Hope that i can find the paradise
But i think it so hard
I am going to the hell

Maybe i take a wrong way
But no way back to star again
My distination still so far
And too fast if i think to going home

I just wanna do
Work for life not life for work
just wanna find the new place
Where can i life
All i wanna want
Where I can get the better life
For anything that i do
I wanna make it true

Sometime i feel so alone
And no one here to tell
I am finally now believe the feel
Couse it so hard
Couse it's so far

This is my time to change my word from the pain
By Stephanie Hanarany T.

When rain began to fall
Darkness enveloped everyone
You came to bring me a rainbow,
when the rain of wounds

were dance on the smarting...
You present the most beautiful smile,
when i'm lost in the darkness...
Whit i wouldn't be forget,

when you bring me into life...
Whit i wouldn't be forget,
when your smile,
be the only breathe for me...
By Algiana safitri

The days that pass me
Lonely only accompanying
Spirit was as if he had died
Would all back
Liver is smiling again
Without the burden on the heart

My own ... ...
my own ... ...
my own, in the illusion

I cried ... ...
I cried ... ...
I crying on the inside
I hate, like this
I hate, when so
I hate .. I hate this fate

I just want happy
I just want to laugh
I just .. I just want to be happy ....
If you're here, to always accompany
I miss you so much
By Mych Ryan

Nothing to say, the rain drifted my words away
No place to stay, the love was taken away
The moon has fallen, the heart has broken
I’m here, fighting against my own demon

The fight of good and bad,
Happy and sad
Love and hate,
But I think it’s too late….

Looks like the demons win,
They’re laughing loud on my sins

Now I’m waiting for forgiveness
From you, not from others
Thousands rivers won’t be enough to wash me
From my sins, and from all the demons in me
By Stephanie Hanarany T.

Something is missing in my loneliness now
My morning now is not cheerfully as yesterday,
When your voice still I hear
The night wind knows ... is cold without you ...
Stars are reluctant to come out ...

Empty ...! sky like dead
When the sun come back ... Warm soul I guess ...
Help ... Melt the frozen heart ...
Best friend .. Lonely now is belong to me... Yours, ours
But it not forever

Don’t stop friends ... The road is still long ...
A handful of despair ... You have to reach ... Now or later ...
You certainly can ... Pursue all goals ...
Dreams that you dreamed

Poetry English Version ( Puisi Dalam Bahasa Inggris )

Puisi English Version And Indo Translate
            I miss you even though you’re here
I can hear your voice loud and clear
But I know you’re about to leave again
Cause that’s the way it’s always been

I talk to you as if you never leave
I build my dreams out of pure belief
I walk the streets looking for a sign
For someone to say I’ll soon be fine

There’s always a feeling of emptiness
That always leaves me so breathless
It takes over the moment you go
And it takes a while to release and let go

But then you’re back once again
And I praise the lord, I say Amen
But deep inside I know it’s temporary
And that’s a burden that I have to carry

You realize you mean the world to me
And I make it look like it’s so easy
I do it all so you won’t feel my pain
But all the pressure is driving me insane

We’re stuck at a crossroad for years now
And the scene won’t end until we take a bow
But who has the courage to initiate
Is a whole new chapter that has to wait.

Aku merindukanmu meskipun kamu berada di sini
Aku bisa mendengar suara kamu keras dan jelas
Tapi aku tahu kau akan pergi lagi
Penyebab itulah cara itu selalu

aku berbicara dengan kamu seolah-olah kamu tidak pernah meninggalkan
aku membangun impian aku keluar dari keyakinan murni
Aku berjalan-jalan mencari tanda
Untuk seseorang untuk mengatakan aku akan segera baik-baik saja

Selalu ada perasaan hampa
Itu selalu membuat saya begitu terengah-engah
Dibutuhkan lebih saat kamu pergi
Dan butuh waktu untuk melepaskan dan membiarkan pergi

Tapi kemudian kamu kembali sekali lagi
Dan aku memuji Tuhan, aku katakan Amin
Tapi dalam hati aku tahu itu sementara
Dan itu adalah beban yang aku harus membawa

kamu sadar bahwa Anda berarti dunia bagi aku
Dan aku membuatnya terlihat seperti itu begitu mudah
aku melakukan semuanya sehingga Anda tidak akan merasa sakit aku
Tapi semua tekanan yang membuatku gila

Kami terjebak di persimpangan jalan untuk tahun sekarang
Dan adegan tidak akan berakhir sampai kita mengambil busur
Tapi siapa yang memiliki keberanian untuk memulai
Adalah bab baru yang harus menunggu.


I don’t know who I am without you
I can’t even tell what’s false from true
You’ve always been a part of me
And I’ll always be the fish in your sea

Now I’m left alone in a universe of my own
Trying to be, the king of my throne
It shouldn’t be hard to start again
To plant the seeds, of life free of Sin

It’s always tough to take the first step
To initiate and put your heart on the map
Then you’re faced with a blast from the past
That makes you feel like a complete outcast

They say things always work for the best
So Maybe I’ll put my worries to rest
But whose Best are they talking about?
I’ll have to wait to find that out!!!

aku tidak tahu siapa aku tanpa kamu
Aku bahkan tidak tahu apa yang salah dari benar
Kau selalu menjadi bagian dari diriku
Dan aku akan selalu menjadi ikan di laut kamu

Sekarang aku ditinggalkan sendirian di alam semesta aku sendiri
Berusaha untuk menjadi, raja takhtaku
Seharusnya tidak sulit untuk memulai lagi
Untuk menanam benih, kehidupan bebas dari Dosa

Itu selalu sulit untuk mengambil langkah pertama
Untuk memulai dan menaruh hati kamu di peta
Kemudian kamu dihadapkan dengan ledakan dari masa lalu
Itu membuat kamu merasa seperti orang buangan lengkap

Mereka mengatakan hal-hal selalu bekerja untuk yang terbaik
Jadi Mungkin aku akan menaruh kekhawatiran aku untuk beristirahat
Tapi yang terbaik yang mereka bicarakan?
aku harus menunggu untuk mengetahui hal itu!

Puisi English Version And Indo Translate

Puisi English Version, Love Poem
Puisi termasuk puisi bahasa inggris tema cinta antara pria dan wanita merupakan curahan hati seseorang yang dapat memengaruhi emosi pembacanya, sehingga merasa senang, sedih, dan berbagai emosi lainnya. Puisi adalah cara yang sangat ampuh untuk menjadi pelipur lara di kala sedih maupun sebagai sarana untuk mengungkapkan perasaan bahagia seperti puisi bahasa inggris tema cinta antara pria dan wanita berikut. Membuat karya sastra untuk mencurahkan emosi melalui puisi dapat melenyapkan segala beban yang ada, namun dengan cara yang tetap positif. Puisi dapat menggunakan bahasa inggris, bahasa Indonesia, maupun bahasa lainnya tergantung keinginan si penyair. Pilihan membuat puisi bahasa inggris adalah lebih baik apabila penyair ingin membuat puisi yang dimengerti oleh semua orang di dunia karena bahasa inggris adalah bahasa universal. Puisi memiliki keindahan tersendiri yang membuat hati pembacanya tersentuh dan merasakan perasaan yang tengah dirasakan oleh pembuat puisi. Jadi, puisi dapat menjadi salah satu media yang efektif untuk mencurahkan perasaan dalam bentuk yang lebih indah kepada orang lain. di bawah ini adalah puisi bahasa inggris tema cinta antara pria dan wanita dan artinya.

Contoh Puisi Bahasa Inggris Tema Cinta Antara Pria dan Wanita
With Love to You
With love to you… wherever you are.
My heart doth send to thee.
Rivers wide and mountains tall
Separate you from me.
Looking at pictures of you and I
Seems to bring you close.
But hearing our song being played
Brings you near the most.
I remember us dancing to that tune,
Under the shade of a tree.
That day in the park together,
Our spirits running wild and free.
Whenever I feel gloomy,
I think of you and can’t help but smile.
Though it doesn’t last forever,
At least it lasts for a while.
Dengan Cintamu
Dengan cintamu … dimanapun kamu berada
Sesungguhnya Hatiku selalu bersamamu
Sungai lebar dan pegunungan tinggi
Memisahkan kita berdua
Melihat Foto kita berdua
Membuatmu semakin terasa jauh
Namun mendengar lagu yang kita nyanyikan
Membawa kita kembali mendekat
Aku ingat kita menari untuk lagu itu,
Dibawah naungan pohon.
Hari itu di taman bersama-sama,
Roh kita berjalan liar dan bebas.
Setiap kali aku merasa suram,
Aku melihat kamu tidak bisa menahan senyum.
Meskipun tidak berlangsung selamanya,
Setidaknya itu berlangsung untuk sementara waktu.
puisi bahasa inggris tema cinta antara pria dan wanita dengan judul “With Love To You” mengungkapkan perasaan dan rasa cinta kerinduan seseorang kepada kekasihnya. Walaupun mereka sedang terpisah jauh, namun perasaan cinta diantara mereka tetap kuat dengan kenangan-kenangan saat bersama yang dimiliki. Isi puisi bahasa inggris tema cinta antara pria dan wanita menunjukkan saling ketergantungan dan kebutuhan antara pasangan tersebut dan mereka bertekad akan selalu bersama, tak peduli seberapa jauh jarak yang memisahkan mereka.

Sumber: http://www.belajaringgris.net/puisi-bahasa-inggris-tema-cinta-antara-pria-dan-wanita-2008.html

Puisi English Version, Love Poem

Puisi Cinta Sejati Romantis Menyentuh
Puisi Cinta merupakan sebuah rangkaian kata yang saling nyambung menyambung menjadi sebuah kata yang indah. Puisi cinta juga bisa menjadi sebuah sasaran untuk merayu seorang wanita nan kemungkinan besar si wanita akan terpesona dengan puisi cinta sejati.

Kata-kata yang tercipta menjadi puisi bisa saja itu dari hasil harmoni alam terhadap kita yang ingin menunjukan bahwa kita suka alam ini. Namun ada juga puisi yang tercipta dari perasaan seseorang yang lagi galau atau pun lagi bahagia, itu bisa tercipta dengan indahnya tanpa di sadari.

Cinta memang tak bisa untuk di pungkiri apalagi untuk di lupakan, cinta juga selalu ada dalam keseharian kita yang tak pernah kita sadari. Dalam hal saling membantu dan menolong itu juga adalah rasa cinta untuk berniat membantu dan menolong seseorang dengan setulus hati.


kenapa semua ini terjadi lagi padaku...
ketika orang yang benar benar aku sayang akan pergi meninggal kan aku...
meninggal kan stiap kenangan yang tercipta...
kasih aku tau dulu aku bersalah karna tlah membuat luka di hatimu...
tapi percayalah takan terulang tuk kedua kalinya saat aku membuat luka di hatimu..
karna aku sadar sekarang kau begitu berharga...

Buktikan Kalau Hatimu Hanya Terisi Namaku

Kau datang di saat ku tak berdaya
Kau bangkitkan diri ini di atas senja
Kau pahat segalanya dengan gairah cinta

Kini kau ukir semuanya dengan tangisan semuku
Dengan senyummu nan tragis itu
Kau buang aku sesuka hatimu
Oh sungguh kejamnya dirimu kepadaku

Di belaianku…
Kau terasa sempurna
Di belakangku…
Kau nampak tak berdaya

Kau hanya mampu berkata
Namun tak sanggup buktikannya
Kau hanya mampu bersuara
Namun tak kunjung terlaksana

Buktikan jikalau kau tak pengecut
Dan kau pilih diriku
Untuk temani setiap nafasmu

Diatas Sajadah Cinta

Diatas sajadah cinta,
Aku ingin bersamamu sayangku..
Semua orang menginginkan surga
Tapi aku hanya menginginkan surga bersamamu
Surga yang hanya kita ciptakan berdua..

Surga yang hanya kau dan aku
Berdua menikmati indahnya bintang
Sayang..,,jikalau bintang jatuh malam ini
Aku ingin katakan kepadanya

Bintang temani bidadariku, disaat aku tidak bersamanya..

Kehangatan Cintamu

Cintaku yang masih menunggu
Biarlah kupeluk cintamu sampai pagi menanti
Hari ini matahari bersinar dengan hangatnya
Menghangatkan kerinduan cintaku padamu
Jadikan cintaku seperti matahari pagi
Yang mampu menembus mata hati cinta
Untuk berjalan bersama dalam cahaya kehangatan cinta

Karena cinta tak harus saling memiliki
Terus memberi tanpa harus dibalas
Karena hanya dengan arti cinta seperti itu
Memungkinkan aku untuk terus mencintaimu
Karena seperti itulah cinta yang abadi
Cintaku dalam diam yang tak bertepi

Cinta itu sederhana tapi luar biasa
Tak perlu sempurna untuk mencintai dan dicintai
Cinta dan aku menunggumu disini dengan setia
Genggamlah tanganku sebelum aku kelelahan menantimu

Cinta untuk Dirinya

Disaat hening malam
Kurangkai kata demi kata
Dan kujadikan puisi dalam cinta

Hai angin malam yang bersepoi-sepoi
Jangan kau tertawakan aku
Karena puisiku bukanlah untukmu
Melainakan untuk seseorang

Yang telah hadir dalam hidupku
Wahai bintang terang pancarkanlah kerlipmu
Dan temani aku dalam merangkai puisi cinta
Agar aku dapat terlelap sesaat
Dan bermimpi tentang dirinya

Wahai bintang yang bertaburan
Sampaikanlah salamku padanya dan katakanlah
kurindu pada senyuman diwajahnya…

Gadisku Dalam Tanya

Ditepian malam menjelang rembulan datang
Bertemankan nyamuk nakal dan nyaian jangkrik menderik
Aku tersungkur di kegelapan malam
Menunggu jawab yang tak pernah hadir
Dalam tanya seribu kata

Kapankah rembulan itu datang
Tuk menyinari gelap malamku
Ku harap sinarnya jatuh dipelataran hati
Agar redup menjadi terang
Seterang indah bola matamu

Jika kau laksana bulan yang mengambang
Aku adalah bintang kejora
Andaikan kau umpama putri kayangan
Aku hanya pujangga kelana

siapakah dirimu yang telah mencuri hati ini
Sedetik wajahmu dalam tanya
Melingkari sukma,merobek dinding cinta
Hingga aku lunglai
Merangkak dan kehausan kasihmu……

Cinta Pada Pandangan Pertama

Cinta pandangan pertama
Bagai sebuah kenangan
Bunga-bunga kecil
Cinta pertama
Berhiaskan pedoman
Kini membesar
Di pandanganku yang sempit

Ku mencoba untuk sadar
Cinta pertama anugerah
Sinar kecintaannya
Bagai cahaya
Kita hanya hidup satu kali
Alangkah baiknya kita
Merasakan cinta
Bahwa cinta itu adalah bunga
Bunga kehidupan

Butuh Kamu

Aku tak tahu
bagaimana harus mengatakan semua
akupun bingung
dengan apa harus kubuktikan
yang pasti, kau tlah merubah segalanya

saat kau ada, kubahagia
saat kau tiada
akupun gundah, resah dan gelisah

aku tak butuh oksigen untuk bernafas
akupun tak butuh payung untuk berteduh
karna bagiku, kau adalah nafasku
kau teduhkan hatiku dengan cintamu

kini yang kubutuhkan hanyalah operator
yang akan memberiku sinyal
saat kau jauh entah dimana
namun yang kutahu
walau jauh kau slalu dihati
walau beda kita tetap sehati

namamu kan slalu ada dalam hati
melekat dan takkan pernah mati

Dari Belakang

Pandanganku tak beralih kemanapun
Aku duduk terpaku dalam lamunan
Desir angin tak sanggup buyarkan aku
ma indah senja di langit jingga

Begitu indah semua ku yakini adanya
Bukan wajah ataupun tatapan mata
Melainkan balik tubuh yang sangat mempesona
Punggung indah dengan sayap-sayap cinta

Aku masih betah memandang punggung itu
Bermain dengan imajinasi kekagumanku
Rasa yang kembang dari ketertarikanku
Berharap ada tatapan bahagia tertuju untukku

Senja akan segera usai
Tiba masaku untuk kembali keperaduan
Jujur aku masih kerasan untuk tetap
Menatapnya hingga dia merasakannya

Untuk yang membelakangiku
Aku mengagumimu semenjak saat itu
Pandangan pertamaku pesona melihatmu
Berharap indahmu juga indahkan diriku

Aku Suka Dia

Rembulan tolong sampaikan rasa rindu
kepada sang putri dihatiku
ucapkan pula rasa sayangku
dan beritau dia bahwa di hatiku ada kamu

Mentari tolong sadarkan dia
bahwa akulah yang di cari dia
akulah yang cinta dia
bukan orang seperti mereka
yang selalu menyakitinya

ku ingin menggantikan air matanya
menjadi senyuman di wajahnya
ku ingin menyanyikan sebuah lagu untuknya
agar ia tau aku suka dia

Sepi Tanpamu

sendiri dalam sunyi
ditemani sepinya hari
hati yang tak menentu
dan jiwakupun ragu

ku tak mengerti apa yang kurasa
ku tak tau harus berbuat apa?
ku coba tuk lupakan semunya
tapi kutak bisa

yang ku rasakan adalah rasa yang tak seharusnya
rasa yang datang dan menyerangku tiba tiba
ku bingung tak menentu
risau dalam kesendirian karnamu

kau bukanlah siapa siapa
kau hanyalah orang yang sering ku jumpa
yang tak pernah saling bicara
bahkan saling sapa

tapi saat kau pergi
menghilang dalam hidupku
saat itu hatiku terasa resah dan gundah
dan ku tak tau mengapa??

ku kehilangan sosokmu
tapi bayanganmu selalu dalam ingatanku
kini yang kurasa hanyalah sepi
kehilangan dirimu yang membuatku seperti ini


Puisi Cinta Sejati Romantis Menyentuh


I want to wash away your tears
Let it dry wounds
And you can paint a rainbow in blue springs
No more tears
And I want to breathe any of your eye
Let's thirst longing flooded.

Your Shadow
Here ...
Still can kiss that sweet body entangled tired
Here ...
I tried trough your heart still felt that putting out fire
Here ...
Still missing you framed shadow behind the shadow of boisterous laughter yesterday
Here ...
I was stupefied face that lying spoiled in clash
Here ...
I invite the breeze on prayer that read For sleep

I never get tired of hope
This longing to hang thousands of words that are always present
When I could smell your body pd row this evening
Today, tomorrow, or the day after ...

One face that is created
Forced to live in the arms of love
Shed uncontrollably
Detached in the morning flowers
Fresh fragrant perfume house your heart

May I see her for a moment?
If you allow, I would like to achieve a happy
Although only in the dust

I could never throw love that you never had
I love you, but you do not have love
What the fuck should I throw while I do not have anything else
Besides the only hope
Hope that you accept my love

Where the rain to go today?
Tempting moment during the sultry earth
Then lost at night looked up

Where I have to go
Kusadar when there was nothing else I defend from this trip
In addition to heading up the trail weak heart home
Not missing engulfed tired
No deterrent kneaded restless

Once I tried to run away and deny
A thousand times I come back again, you ...
Collect all the longing and love to rise again
In row prayers
Resigned last fall waiting for your present
Without a doubt and ask again
Where you addressed the heart?
So that I'm not one to run

Poetry-Poems 2013

Poetry And Poetry collection


I want to say goodnight to you the most beautiful pobud my heart, though I know you are now no longer here with me again, be careful who has your name engraved, is now just an empty and quiet melancholy that I feel ..

When I tried to dismiss all of your beauty is pobud haunted my imagination, I pobud tried to run and hide from erratic heart, I close your eyes and forget all about you, but .. this close my eye, you penetrate the mind and imagination. .

When this night could not be ours together again, only with me close your eyes, I can see the beauty of you, I would imagine pobud that pobud take your sweet smile with my soft, but now I can only pobud awake even though I try to close the eyes ...

I just want you to know, though the world had never approve of our love, and there are those that hinder pobud our love, I'm still standing here alone for pobud pobud there for you and miss you ..
Present miss you

When every word before you is no longer spoken, I hope the eyes of the heart is able to say what I feel, this heart .. This soul .. it is very very miss you, call you a sense of this, you want to feel the presence of ..
like a morning without the sun, it is very tortured longing, this yearning every drop of dew, piercing my soul warm expecting your presence ..

There was no way I was running to catch your shadow, I could not scream for beautiful call your name, there's only one word for you, one word at this time there is my heart, MISS .. yaa, I miss you, my life would not be beautiful colors when without miss you, my love because perfect love, there is you and only for you ..

Poetry And Poetry collection

poetry will miss lover

Stars Love

By Arief Darmawan

I want to return to the heart that loved
but I had to wait,
in all tireless heningku you accompany
even though it was only the shadow of your smile that smile when I touched it go

In every sun goes, Till We Meet Again only visible when you turn around and walk left
I want to hold out for the one I love
because I thought it was probably only a love

I enjoyed this lonely-lonely
the tone, with dreams, also with memories
I'll just miss this live at the base of the heart
wait until a long time admonished
until he found what he wanted, what he missed

Have framed your name, look very beautiful in the hearts
and separation is not capable of destroying it altogether
one day when we come together again, it read you this poem for you
and if not, did I read this poem in the sun at dusk, or in a waiting Till We Meet Again ...
This just painting my heart today, and somehow like what in one day


Is there like you there
Enter the world of my imagination who mistreat
I fantasize alone with you
Where I can laugh with you, hold your hand

O my love there
Why do not you recognize me
You do not know what's in my heart
You do not know if I'm looking at your beautiful face

Is there like you there
Unconscious would love blossomed
Who could not utter longing depth
When dealing with your

I was confined to my room love and longing
Can not say to you, even though it was touch
Each look into your eyes stung to the heart of my heart
You are my love, love MY hidden.

     Works: Andri Setiawan

     When words can not be revealed immediately,
     The heart calls you scream,
     not like a morning meeting night,
     The heart wall will collapse exposure to miss,
     miss you sweetheart,
     I could not run constantly,
     chasing your shadow,

     I could not scream calling your name,
     I always miss,
     O my sweetheart,
     Hear my heart ribbon,
     came the owner of this heart,
     though distant,
     yet. . .
     I keep waiting for it,
     as a sign of love,
     sign of affection,
     and. . .
     my loyal to you,
     greetings miss my love. . .

Poetry will miss lover

I Love You, But I Belong Him

I Love You, But I Belong Him
Heartbroken poems work Meyzira

Wherever that point I made
Jokes, laughter, wounds and memories
Along one soul in touch
Peace feels the commons

Difference comes when you start to feel complete
Making it even more different than a wailing smile
I'm sad
Happiness that was already very close
It has now become a question that is now gone I find the answer

I hate it, but I like
Present yourself coming a million meanings
But I'm sad, but I wound
Think of all that a series of words
"I love you, but I belong to him"

Worst case
Heartbroken poems work Meyzira

After a long time of laughter, jokes come together with a heart
Until the pain was never seen again
Happily created by leaving a bitter time, leaving a grief
Had the pleasure when the world does not make me complacent
Happy who seemed not covered by a dark sense
Curiosity ambiguous destroy the beauty of love
Make love to make me forget him
If then I know you just pretend
Pretending to love make me leave happy just to hope that the virtual
I regret all the stories that are now happening tlah
But I promise
Pobud love you even though your heart will never be appropriated

love Moot
Poem by Meyzira

Struck inside me when I know I love you
But when I find beautiful, all of it was false hope
You're giggling and happy away from me with a new replacement
I watched, in silence, frozen
At that moment I realized that I was not happy but a different flavor
Unlike that I love you, but you ruined it all
Jealousy is normal, but with you it was incredible

I cried silently in my heart, because I know you is not got love for me pobud
I should know happiness is ceriaku
Ntah why it replaced cheerful
Replaced with something that I think it's jealousy or envy

Let me Enough of all this
My feelings, my memories of you will be my belt and my back again .. you and all of us
For me love is a mistake
And it's only mistake I belong to a

I Love You, But I Belong Him

Latest collection of love poems

Stars Love

Hi all, this time the admin will give you another little collection of poems the work of some of our friends. to read it please read the following below.

When I Fall In Love

Poetry Rona Fauziah

If I fall in love
I would sincerely love
The main one is not wealth, or throne
But the heart of the character and orderly

If I fall in love
I want my life to be more meaningful
Not a love that is a lie and a lie

If I fall in love
I do not want to make the same mistake
But learning to improve stain

If I fall in love
I want to love Him more and grow
Not reduced or even forget his

If I fall in love
I want to be happy about it
Not only the love that brought the wounded

If I fall in love

I want this love takes me to paradise
Not menjerumuskanku to Hell

If I fall in love
I want only His good pleasure that there
His wrath is not

Yes, IF I'm in love ...

I give the name of love Love
Poetry Imes beads

You came, was shaking
You came, my day blossom
Feels rough in the chest
When you come all bright red.
At that time I'll give you the name of love.

It was later used as bright red
Not light up like the first
Look faded, faded, red terkucur
At that time I gave the name of love remains.

I already fell in love
But I see the color gray.
You are now far, far away from the shadow
Yourself, your shadow, and your color
Far. Away from me. But I'm waiting for you
By then I hope this be love

Devotees Secrets
by Septian Abdiansyah

Every word is a pearl that was chanting every time I talk to you
Silence does not mean fear, just a shame that always accompanies my trip
Section in the chest sometimes accompanied ticking though vacant eyes
When I first saw the beautiful face of the heart that is reflected in your face

I may be empty
Because of poor reputation
Materials and throne

Hear idol unfortunately touched my heart was the letter written by the pen of millions
At the table your routine

Although sometimes that's a thrilling encounter
Only silence that sometimes I do, not what the mute
But amazed at the power of God who created you
Read it with care, even if you do not know the man who is now empty admire

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Latest collection of love poems

Collection of Romantic Love Poems

Stars Love 

Collection of Romantic Love Poems

Hi all, you know that love requires a little sacrifice, whether you ever felt love before, certainly never right? like where that person that we all love such as a boyfriend, a girlfriend but it turned out we could not be with us, because of certain factors. Certainly it was very painful and sick at heart, what can we can only wait and continue to wait.Here I have a little collection of poems about a longing and romantic poetry to the people we love. This poem comes from the virtual world friends in my cityPlease refer to ...

Love Poems Waiting

I convinced myself would be coming.Because my god could not deny His promise,His appointment, which will bring us in a lawful bond.I close my eyes to see but yourself My heart is closed tuk do not feel that's not for you.We will be reunited, and at the time the promise was fulfilled Wherever HIS,loyalty, Wherever tested our patience.Maybe no one will ever understand it, because who understands just you and me.You're my priest, you are my beloved husband.I keep this heart right.until the meeting arrives,as evidence of my loyalty to you.my love, my love someday I'm gonna give it to you, the people who have been God bless.
We will definitely be met, as Adam and Eve who had been reunited.

Longing hearts

I miss you ..
I missed my usual scents that your body kiss
I missed my hug your body banality
I miss your arms hangat'a
I miss your smile who used to greet my morning
I missed intim'a kiss your lips ..
I miss you, and miss you so much more than I
although only just a few days we not met
I in fact die without you ..
maybe you never know.
you're so mean to me,
me life and my death

if ak is the angel of love
I'm going to kill every woman who loves you
I'm going to jail a woman who is always teasing
and I put you right in the immortality of love
then I will not let you out of a second for immortality to love

O god ...
I beg her whisper
Here I was waiting for him, and I miss him very much
Please keep my heart & her ..
And define the hati'a.
one name, one love and one heart
that is my name, my love, and my heart
amen ..

Sun was dimmer

light it shines like the sun is not my heart when I see you

it was bright moonlight as bright as my love lead you
sebesarnya sea waves not right for my love to you
and the Indian Ocean sedalamnya not feel it as deeply as you

but was love live love

live love is love
dear dear stay
stay was feeling hope

your light beam has been obstructed by another

your light has dimmed as other areas of divided
mu waves has been a storm in my soul
you've made it my love as deep bruises

you give me an uncertain light

love the way you led astray
Shake you love
and you my hoe to get hurt as deeply as possible

I guess you enough shine

well enough to lighten your way
my love for you is right, but not yours
I hope my feelings did you buy it back again

You with your light shine

of light with strength
exaggerated love with your heart
I'm leaving it only able, create more love
First Look

That is the moment that separates scent life of consciousness.
That was the first spark that ignites the soul territories.
That first magical tone of the plucked strings of silver human heart.
That fleeting moment that conveys the soul of the minutes of the ear-to-day
who have passed and revealed that awareness work done
night, making clear eyes saw the world and delight in making
the mysteries of eternity in this present world.

That seed ditaburan by Ishtar, goddess of love, from a high place.
Their eyes on the fields and sowed hearts, feelings
keep it, and bring it to life fruits.

The first view of the lover is like a spirit that moves on the surface
water flows toward the heaven and the earth.
The first view of the companions

Thank you for stopping by and reading Collection of Romantic Love Poems from my friends, I hope what it says on the can increase motivation in your life

Collection of Romantic Love Poems